Sunday, May 12, 2013

Need Your Opinion .... And a Freebie

So my blog is just getting started and I would love to have some readers weigh in with their opinion. I have created the first set of science vocabulary cards that can be used to play matching and memory style vocabulary games. In my experience, the major thing that holds students back in academic areas is truly understanding the vocabulary. But gone are the days of looking up words in dictionaries and writing definitions. Students need more engaging activities, so this idea was born. Simple in concept, but much more engaging that a dictionary! :) I also like to use these to pre-assess my students knowledge of science vocabulary.

 I am offering this set on "Matter" as a freebie. Stop by my TpT store to pick up a copy. Try them out with your students and let me know if this is a series I should continue. Please feel free to *kindly* leave feedback on ways these might also be improved. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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