Sunday, June 23, 2013

Blank Canvas Classroom

I haven't been to my new classroom in three weeks.  I went by one day and dropped off all of my school stuff, but that's it.  We've been busy the last few weeks with VBS and visiting family.  Earlier this week I decided to stop by.  Wouldn't you know it... my floor was covered in wet wax.  But that was OK! The custodial staff did a fabulous job cleaning and waxing the floors.  See that shiny floor reflection below. :) I was also given this teacher desk.

I've decided to pass on the teacher desk.  They take up so much space and usually get piled up with stuff. I'm going to try and set up a small teacher area around my small group table in the back corner. I LOVE organized and clutter free spaces, so imagine my reaction to seeing all that stuff on those wall shelves. Eeeeak! I couldn't stand it. So my first full day in my classroom was nothing but purging, moving, and cleaning. I was a mess (and ended up meeting friends out for dinner). I'm sure I was a sorry sight, but at least I worked up a good appetite! Here is what my room looked like when I walked out the door. I'm looking forward to begin decorating now that I have a blank classroom canvas. 


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