Friday, June 28, 2013

Five For Friday

I haven't joined up with Five for Friday in a while, so this week I decided to share a little of what's been going on around here.

I have been trying to take advantage of my summer BREAK and just spend some time relaxing.  In the summer, I tend to feel like I am on  a mission to get everything ready for school.  I'm one of those people that have to have my classroom organized and decorated way before school starts back so I can focus the last month or so on planning my content.  This week I did spend a few days away from all that.  One of my passions is reading.  I LOVE to read and can stay awake late into the night getting lost in a good book.  My selection this week is False Pretenses by Kathy Herman.  I have read all of her other book series, so I was excited to get the chance to start on another one.  It's a great read so far.  Lots of intrigue!

Another thing my family did this week to relax was spend some time at the lake.  I sat in the shade under a great tree, felt the nice breeze, read a little bit, and watched my kiddos as they played the day away.  It was wonderful and the first time in a while that I have felt true relaxation!

I also got the chance to take my boys to the movies this week.  I think I was more excited than they were.  Monsters Inc is one of my all time favorite kid movies.  I told my oldest son that I was super excited but also a little nervous because you never know how the second movie (even though this is a prequel) will compare to the first.  I must say that this movie was superb! We all enjoyed it and it may be even better than the first.  Take your kiddos and go check it out. We are now looking forward Despicable Me 2!

So I confess, I did actually spend some time working on school stuff this week.  I worked on my bulletin boards.  I like to get those up first before I place all of my furniture.  Makes it easier than trying to reach over tables and computers to staple up material and border.  I found a great fabric at Hobby Lobby that matches my color scheme.  I chose the brown background because my walls are all a sky blue color and the design of the room needed something to tone it down a bit.

I know everyone has seen this before.  A huge pile of lamination that I may never get through.  It felt that way, but I actually have almost all of it trimmed out.  I've been sitting in the floor and trimming while the rest of the family watches movies.

So that's a bit about my week, if you haven't yet - go link up with Doodle Bug's Teaching and let the rest of us know what's been going on in your world!



  1. Loved reading your post. And yes I know exactly what you mean with a pile of lamination. I just cut a ton of stuff out the other day.


    1. Hey Jamie. Thanks for stopping by today. Hopefully we both don't have any more piles of laminated items to trim out again this year. :)

  2. Hi Chelsea! I am a new follower through Five for Friday and Wallies. Glad to have found your blog.
    Confessions of a Teaching Junkie

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad to have you here. :)