Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Made It

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My new favorite place to shop for classroom items is Hobby Lobby. I probably spent too much money in there, but I now have a lot of new projects for this link up in the next few weeks. Just look at all the stuff I bought there. 

Even my READ letters and all the items I used to make them with (from last week's Monday Made It) were purchased  there. This week's project is about my Welcome To My Garden sign. Of course the sign is already "made", but it didn't quite match my color scheme. I purchased it anyway and decided I could paint it the right colors. I needed to get rid of the pink and purple and add in some red and orange.  I also painted the blue bird to make it a bit brighter and to match the hue of the other bird.  I used acrylic paints and dry brushed small amounts at a time.  It now looks like this:

I think it looks nice hanging on my bright blue classroom walls. 

So if you find something that you really like, but it's just not the right color scheme - don't be afraid to add a little paint!



  1. I did a bird theme last year - check out pics from my blog:) Just FYI - Big Lots has lots of garden/birdie things.

    This Little Piggy Reads

  2. I love how it looks on the wall, I'm doing a bird theme and love Hobby Lobby for finding decor and they've got some great sales too!

    The Resource(ful) Room

  3. I love your READ letters. Those are on my list to make this summer, too!

    Teaching Little Miracles