Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to School Fun with Curls and a Smile

Hi! My name is Lynda and you can usually find me on Curls and a Smile!
I am so excited to be quest blogging for Chelsea. It has been a great summer but my thoughts have already drifted to the wonderful new school year ahead. The beginning of the year is always such an exciting time and getting to know your students is essential to an AWESOME school year!
I just loved all the fabulous resources that Chelsea mentioned in her previous post and it inspired me to create a special little something for the first day of school!
I love playing "Get to Know You" games! They are so fun and I adore finding out more about each one of my kiddos. I am working on a new resource for my kiddos with a variety of activities for the beginning of the year. One activity that is a fabulous tool for writing as well is a brainstorming map all about them!

 This can be used to get students thinking about themselves and used in conversation with their table mates or classmates. It can also be used to start a writing activity about themselves to share with the class. The writing activity could be as flexible as 5 sentences to 5 paragraphs!
It's all how you chose to use it!
I have created  4 maps for you! All you have to do is click here!
Hope you have a wonderful school year!

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