Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Take Away Tuesday - Guest Blogger: Buzzing with Ms. B Summer Reading Fun Days!

Here's this week's Take Away Tuesday. Read about Chrissy's great ideas for summer learning and then link up your posts below about great ideas for back to school projects!

Happy Summer everybody! This is Chrissy from Buzzing with Ms. B and I'm happy to be guest blogging Flip-Floppin' Through 3rd Grade for today! 

I'm the literacy leader for our school, and this summer, our principal asked about summer learning. We work with a very struggling population of students who have limited access to books over the summer. to encourage summer & home reading, we planned out two fun days for kids to come to school, build their positive reading experiences, and even give out some free books!
 I want to share some of the summer reading activities we did with our kids just Thursday. Before school let out, we sent home this letter in English and Spanish, telling parents about our Summer Reading Fun Days!

Last week, we sent out this postcard to remind them to come to the school! 

In preparation, we bought a ton of materials and chose our book:

The Quiet Place is an adorable book about a little girl who is learning English and reads, reads, reads. She writes letters to her aunt about her special place to read. She decorates a large cardboard box and uses it as her quiet place. 

All of our activities were centered around this book and about engaging students in being excited about reading!

First, students decorated book bags. 

My lovely school secretary purchased small red canvas bags from Oriental Trading. They were too small for the little kids' books, but they worked really well for the big kids! 

We also purchased some larger canvas bags from Hobby Lobby for our K-1 kids, along with some puff paints in all colors.
So fun.

They loved doing this. What's more fun than paint?!

Then they listened to The Quiet Place read aloud and had a conversation about reading places.

Then they broke out into four different stations:

Good Readers... Bookmarks
One of our teachers used a GLAD strategy: a narrative input chart, to tell the story of a little boy going through his day, building the habits of a good reader. Then kids got to decorate a bookmark. We cut cardstock into strips and attached yarn through a hole-punched hole.

Quiet Place Letters
Students used this letter paper to write letters to whomever they chose about their favorite place to read. It's sad when kids don't have a favorite place or favorite book. This is one of our goals for these summer days; to expose kids to ideas about reading places and books.

Tasty Treat

In the book, the little girl's mother makes birthday cakes to sell. I hunted all over pinterest until i found this pin for an easy snack to make:

I pre-popped a bunch of popcorn and bagged it. On the day of the camp, our kids drizzled melted white chocolate over the popcorn with spoons and then sprinkled on sprinkles and let it cool. 

I tried it out the day before, to make sure it was going to work. I then ate a large quantity and didn't feel that good. Remember, people: moderation.

Then they completed their recipe card so they could make their treat at home, too!

Just Read!

At this station, we spread out carpets and pillows and gave kids time to read! We had books donated from a local nonprofit organization. Students were able to choose three free books to put into their bookbags and take home, FOREVER! This was great. 

We also broke out the ipads and kids were able to read ebooks.

In the end, kids took home their bookmarks, popcorn, letters, recipe cards, and bookbags full of books! It was a fun half-day I hope that kids will remember.

Our next summer reading un day is August 1. Clock over to follow me at Buzzing with Ms. B to see what we do with this book:

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  1. Great ideas! We do a Camp-Read-a-Lot with our third grade classes in June. We decorate visors or painter's caps, but I like the bookbag idea. I also like your literature suggestion to get kids talking about places they like to read. I'll be waiting to see how you top this for your August summer reading day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great idea, Chrissy! I'm glad your school was able to put everything together to keep your students reading during the summer. Everything sounds like fun...but why, oh why, did you suggest birthday cake popcorn? Now I might have to try it...and there will be no way my husband will even eat one bite, so I will be forced to eat it entirely by myself!

  3. How fun! I made that popcorn for my team for Christmas this year! i is delish!!!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  4. The popcorn looks fabulous! The bag place looks so fun!