Sunday, July 21, 2013

The best of Back To School FREEBIES!

Hello everyone.  I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  As we move closer to Back to School time 2013, I have started thinking about what kind of activities I wanted to use in my classroom this year.  I have scoured TpT for some ideas and resources.  Then I had a thought - why not write a post about the best FREE resources.  Today's topic focuses only on items related to back to school. Here is a list of some great resources that I found that I could see myself using in my classroom (please make sure if you stop by and download a freebie to leave FEEDBACK for the seller as a thank you):

Blog Posts:

I also have another post planned that offers more links to FREE products related to classroom management and another post about content related items.  Be sure to check back within the next week for updates on these additional freebies!


  1. Awesome list of resources; I've pinned it to my Cool School Stuff board! Thanks for this collection.


  2. Thank you so much for the links. I loved all the freebies you found.