Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What my kids are loving!

We have been back in school for 2 weeks now. Whew! It has been a whirlwind. My class of kiddos are wonderful! They are following procedures so well and working so hard.

We have been trying to get our classroom schedule all set and I have found a few activities that my students have fallen in love with!

First is our reading journals. We have been cutting, coloring, organizing, and glueing until our little hearts are content. We are using Nicole Shelby's Interactive Reading Notebooks. They miss it if we don't use it in class for the day. I'm super excited about how it is coming along!

Another activity that my students get excited about each day is Pick A Prompt. I created this product to give students a writing opportunity every day. I really like how it reinforces the three types of writing from the Common Core Standards. My kids literally beg to do this each day! I love that they are so excited about writing. I make a big production of the whole event. I used a cookie jar from Wal-Mart and added some ribbon so it would match our classroom. I'll stand in front of the class and mix up the prompts while talking up the "mystery" of what the prompt might be. They get so excited. Then I choose one prompt and read it aloud. We will discuss the prompt  and decide if it is narrative, informative, or opinion. I then remind the students of specific skills that we have been learning and that I want to see in their writing (example: sentence starters, capitalization, punctuation, sentence variety). Once the kids begin writing, I date the writing prompt and place it in a pocket chart to keep up with the order of the prompts in case I need to review them when looking over the student's responses. 

We just completed our August prompts, so this weekend I'm off the create the September version. Guess I'd better get to work!

Friday, August 16, 2013

TpT Sale

The TpT Back to School 2013 sale is set for August 18th and 19th. My store will also be on sale. I've got some great items on my wish list I plan to stock up on! How about you?

Happy Shopping!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wow... It's Been A While

Well, I must admit that I have neglected my blogging duties for the last couple of weeks. Had some great posts in mind, and then school happened. Oh my goodness! This has been one of the hardest back to school years for me ever! Still trying to figure out why. Great school, co-workers, and students! I feel like I have been going non-stop for almost two weeks now. Every night I come home with the intent to post something here. Instead, I give in and head straight to bed once my own kiddos are asleep. Definitely haven't adjusted to these early mornings! :)  Also, this is the second year in a row that I have moved in to a different school with different standards. I absolutely dislike not knowing how everything operates and so I work so hard to get up to speed and stress myself out. I think I have control issues! ;) Seriously, I put a lot of myself into what I do and it seems these days there is constantly more to do. The list is ever growing. However, like all passionate teachers out there, I'll keep working away, giving most of myself, to try and perfect this craft we call teaching! Best of luck to those of you out there who are also getting started on a new school year. Thanks for all you do (that goes unrecognized) to help better the life of precious children!