Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bright Idea for Game Dice

I use dice all the time in my classroom. We have several center games for reading and math that require dice for moving around a game board. I also use dice for some quick math practice. Roll and add, roll and subtract, roll and multiply...lots of options. My biggest problem was dice scattering all over the room, off the desks, across the floors. For some students, that actually became the objective - who can roll the dice the farthest. So, I stopped using them. Until I discovered this little trick. 

Now I use dice more often. I even keep several of these stored and ready to use at a moments notice. I have several sets prepared. Some have 1, 2, or even 3 dice in each container. Then we can just grab the ones we need and are ready to go. 

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  1. Where did you get the containers. All of the ones that I have found are either too small or too expensive.

  2. These containers were purchased from Wal-mart. They were sold in packs of four. Thanks for stopping by!