Friday, May 2, 2014

Test Prep - Motivation from the Dollar Tree

It's that time of year again - test prep time. This year I wanted to do something different to help make reviewing all of our standards more engaging and fun. So, how does the Dollar Tree help with that?

Above is a picture of items I purchased from the Dollar Tree to create our Test Prep - Preparing For Game Day competitions. 

I gathered several reading and math centers that would review skills and standards we have learned this year. Each day the students could earn up to 10 opportunities to try and score points for various sports related activites. I created 10 teams to work together and then graded their center work. If they scored a 100 - they earned ten tries, in the 90's - 9 tries, in the 80's - 8 tries, and so on. This helped the students to become more engaged in the review because they all wanted to score as high as possible to earn the most opportunities they could to try and score. 

We had several sports activites such as free throws, football throw, nerf basketball, mini sports games, baseball toss, etc...

The students were so excited - some even dressed for the occasion each day. 

Here are a few action shots of students trying to score their points. 

We kept a scoreboard and celebrated everyone's hard work with a testing tail gate party!

For those of you getting ready for state testing - good luck!!

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