Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bright ideas - reuse laminated items

So if you're like me, you have several items in your classroom that are laminated. I use all kinds of decor and charts to keep up with data and student progress.

The problem with writing on these items with a dry erase marker is that it wipes off too easily, so I started using a sharpie. 

An easy trick to help you reuse these items instead of buying new ones each year - Magic Eraser will clean sharpie right off a laminated item. 

All it takes is a little time and elbow grease and your laminated items will be perfectly restored to begin a new school year this fall!

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  1. nail polish remover works well also but even better is a white board marker. I use those starting to dry out ones that aren't good for writing anymore. Just scribble over and wipe with a dry cloth before it dries. That's it all done!

    1. Thanks for the additional ideas! Every little trick helps. :)

  2. Have you ever tried overhead markers? They are wet erase, so they don't wipe off as easily as dry erase. Of course you still get the inquisitive kids who will lick their fingers and try to wipe it off, but at least just brushing past it isn't a problem. That's what I do for the calendar on my back Whiteboard which students tend to walk past and accidentally wipe off with their clothes.

    1. This is another great way to deal with dry erase markers wiping off too easily. Thanks for sharing!