Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Sunday - City Museum - St. Louis

So I've decided that over the next several Sundays to share what my summer fun has been about. I'm a super planner (and believe me- that is still happening). However, I have slowly realized that I don't take the time necessary to really relax. I'm trying to focus on that the last half of my summer. So, I bring to you the first edition of Summer Sunday!

My family and I went on a little two day trip to St. Louis. So much to do in that city! I was completely in awe of the City Museum. What an awesome and unique place. This is definitely on our list of "must do this again" adventures. The architecture of this place is amazing. It is housed in an old shoe factory building and designed out of recycled and reclaimed objects. We could only visit for one day and there was no way to see it all, so we just let the kids guide us. Pretty amazing! Below is a photo tour of the highlights of our day. 

Pencils - of course I had to take this picture. 
Early robotics. 

Old arcade games. 

Fossil and specimen displays. 

Underground cave system. 

Glass floor held up by tiny action figures. 

Indoor climbing structures. 

Outdoor climbing structures. 

10 story slide. 

Indoor treehouse. 

Amazing architecture. 

Amazing architecture. 

Amazing architecture. 

If this isn't a place you have visited yet, definitely add it to your list if you ever visit St. Louis. If you'd like to find out more, just visit

**Disclaimer - I am writing this review out of my own amazement of this museum. I'm not receiving any kind of retribution for promoting the City Museum. 

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  1. I love your idea of "Summer Sunday!" You should turn it into a linky...I would link up. Your pictures of the City Museum has gotten me more excited for our trip to STL at the end of July. Such a fun city!!!