Sunday, August 2, 2015

TPT Back to School Sale 2015

I'm excited today to be joining a group of bloggers to talk about the TPT Back to School 2015 sale. In case you don't know about it yet...
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I'd like to highlight my favorite back to school resource: All About Me student booklet.

This is a great writing activity for back to school. When copied front/back, folded and assembled, it creates and 11 page student booklet with a variety of questions that lets you get to know more about each student.

Another great resource (and my best seller) is: Track My Data.

This is a set of 11 different graphs to help track student data. Graphs included are:
Phonics (spelling)
MAP Reading (fall, winter, spring)
MAP Language (fall, winter, spring)
MAP Math (fall, winter, spring)
MAP Science (fall, winter, spring)
Reading Standard (formative, 3 practice scores, summative)
Language Standard (formative, 3 practice scores, summative)
Math Standard (formative, 3 practice scores, summative)
Multiplication Facts

Graphs can be used with any standards or program (*with the exceptions listed below). Also included is a title page for student data binders.

*AR (Accelerated Reader) is a program your school must purchase.
*MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) in an online assessment tool that your district must subscribe to.

I always copy these graphs and prep my student data folders before school begins. This way we are ready to graph data when we begin those beginning of the year baseline assessments. 

Stop by my TPT store and add these to your wish list before the sale begins. Don't forget to use the promo code BTS15 when checking out during the sale (speaking from experience here). :)

To check out more great resources to help you fill up that wish list, check out the link up below.