Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Have fun while lesson planning!

Hello there world! If you've stayed with me over the past year - bless you! I've been so super busy that this blog has suffered quite a lot. Check out my last quick little post that explains all of been involved in the last year.

So here I am now trying to get off on the right foot for the school year! Besides setting up my classroom (biggest goal of the summer), I have started to think about my curriculum. I'm now teaching a new grade level and a new subject. Fifth grade social studies – yay! I'm very excited about changing up my routine and gaining a fresh perspective. 

This post is for those of you interested in making your lesson planning routine more enjoyable. See how I used these supplies to merge my love of organization with planning for the school year! 

So, I sat down to begin planning. The first thing I always start with is my planner. I have used several different ones over the years - expensive, not expensive, hand-written to digital, you name it I've tried it! What I have discovered is I really like the flexibility of purchasing a planner that I can customize to my specific planning routines. This year I chose the teacher binder by Mandy Neal from Teaching with Simplicity. I love how she has a basic binder and then several add on options to choose four. All for a good price! I simply chose the pages that I wanted, put them in order in PowerPoint, and uploaded it and had it printed at my local Office Depot. You could use other printers like Best Value Copy (which I have used before - great job and great prices) or your own printer, but I wanted to go ahead and get started quickly and the local printing shop could have order ready within a few hours.

I decided that this year I wanted to use handwritten plans. I'm all about and technology and using it in the classroom, but there's something about handwriting my plans that seems to make my thought process flow more smoothly.

Then I decided that I wanted my lesson planning time this year to be enjoyable. I wanted to have fun with what I was doing and not feel bogged down by the planning process. So I begin thinking about how I love to plan and organize at home. So, why couldn't I use the same process for school? Enter my love for The Happy Planner.

I'm just getting started on transferring my thoughts about long range curriculum plans to paper, so this morning I sat down and began my happy lesson planning! Enjoy a few pics of my beginning process. 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hello again with exciting news

It's hard to believe an entire school year has flown by - and without one single post here from me. I guess that's an indication of how super busy I have been! With two middle school boys involved in sports, to my new endeavor of teaching a college course at our local university, in addition to my day job - it has definitely been a challenge to think about much else. So, my little ole blog has suffered quite a bit.

I'm hoping with a fresh new change on the horizon that I can re-energize my blog.

Next year I will be changing schools and moving to 5th grade! I'm excited to see how this change adds new life to my passion for teaching. I hope you stay along for the ride!