Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Top 3 August Picks

Today I'm joining in to share my top 3 pins for August.
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So, let's get started and see what I found. This month I centered my picks around Back to School, because here we start back in about a week. My mind is whirling with ideas and I'm trying to focus on what might be helpful to get myself, my family, and my classroom started in the right direction.

These are some super tips from Ziplock about packing your lunch. They even have lunch ideas and shopping lists on their website. This is one of my goals this year - to plan and pack healthy lunch and snack options for myself. 

Another goal I have set for my family (and my sanity 😜) is to have a better morning routine. We are usually rushing around like crazy, looking for lost sports items, cramming in a "forgotten" homework assignment, remembering to take all the items I need for a classroom project, and grabbing breakfast to eat in the car. Yep - the real life of a teacher mom. I would love to set up a station like the ones found here:

A classroom goal that I have this year is being more intentional about building quality relationships with my students. There are several great ideas here that can be adapted for various grade levels. 

 Happy "Back to School" everyone!